Gratitude is a practice.

December 1, 2013

It’s been over a year since I sat down quietly with my thoughts. A year of living dangerously.  Time has been limited. The world has been demanding and then there was this cookbook project.  I bit off more than I could socially chew and find myself missing my blog and more importantly, missing my reflections.

 So often we get caught up in projects and deadlines and the never ending to do list.  I get dizzy sometimes from all the “busy-ness”. I’ve been learning to slow down.  To take a break when I feel overwhelmed. My grandpa Kermit told me (a thousand times) to “walk on the sunny side of the street”.  It only took me thirty plus years to absorb the information.

Gratitude is a practice.  It requires that we slow down.  I’ve spent most of my life asking “what’s wrong?” instead of confirming what is right. It’s exhausting and depleting and entirely the wrong question for happiness. Gratitude is the tool I use to examine what’s right so I can manifest more of the good things.

I truly believe happiness is a series of habits we create.  It took years to understand and seconds to change. It will take a lifetime to perfect.

The Fresh 20 Boys

So much to be grateful for...

Our lives can be full of complaints and concerns or it can be filled with compliment and contentedness.  Everyday is a chance to sing praises and work on the good stuff.  Negativity is easy.  Staying positive is a gift I’m giving myself this holiday season.  Any takers?


One Simple Change: Surprisingly Easy Ways to Transform Your Life

I recently received this book from the author, Winnie Abramson. For under ten dollars, it’s worth the reminder that we all can make small changes to receive big rewards. I’m thinking of using it as my 2014 guide to better living.

What changes are you making for more health and happiness?


The playboy mansion is not traditionally where people have one of their first dates.  Bunnies and hunks everywhere. Celebrities posing on the edges of the room.   People really do get in the pool.  And yes, I checked out the grotto.  It’s just a hot tub with room for, oh,  a hundred.

I noticed these things happening around me on this date but in reality, I only had eyes for Trent. We were newly acting boyfriend and girlfriend and the infatuation was heavy.  It was the start of something that would continue for over thirteen years.  And counting.

Trent is one heck of a human being.  Kind, generous, funny, talented, easy on the eyes and to me, sexy.  We have started a few adventures together with Trent in the background providing the stable foundation our life is built upon.  He spent the last decade commuting over two hours a day for work.  He watched me work through a dozen different projects trying to figure out who I wanted to be when I grow up.  He is my solid. And his dedication to keeping our family in the black has allowed me to blossom, create, experiment and stretch.

Next week, Trent turns forty. It’s time for the start of something.  It’s time for a new adventure. Trent is ready to stretch into a new life.

Notices were given at work.  His corporate days are numbered.  At forty, his entrepreneur heart is taking control.

It’s time to create, expand and most importantly breathe fresh air into everyday living and possibility.

Admiration is high. Uncertainty is present. This is not a midlife crisis. It’s a much deserved midlife renewal.

Am I…

  • Scared? Of course.
  • Worried? Not even.
  • Proud? More than possible.

Trent Lanz Design is the start of something and like our playboy mansion date, it’s HOT!

And now, as change arrives, we just remember to keep calm and carry joy.

What dream are you ready to renew?


Just like you.

July 10, 2012

I ordered take out last week. Twice.  I’m not sure why I feel guilty, but as owner of an enterprise promoting fresh made-at-home meals, I hang my head in ceremonial shame.  The truth is, I am no different than anyone else struggling to survive life, love, and t-ball. I’m just like you. I burn toast, [...]


Food tears.

June 21, 2012

For all the confidence and bravado of doing everyday business in the world, I am still a little girl easily frightened by the slightest hint of rejection. I’m writing a book and at present, having a silent meltdown about my ability to finish, my place in the world and as fate would have it, acceptance. [...]


Bread Making 101 : Mark Furstenberg

April 23, 2012

I have a deep appreciation for specialists.  The patience and passion required to hone in on something, absorb knowledge and carry it, with care, into the future is a human gift not everyone receives. Mark Furstenberg has such a gift.  By trade, a bread maker, consultant and restaurateur.  Today, an unassuming educator in bread making. [...]


Ruth Pretty’s New Zealand Experience

April 1, 2012

An International Association of Culinary Professionals experience. It’s Sunday. My taxi is racing behind an ambulance towards Soho. This must be considered the New York express lane. Today smells good. Crisp air, coffee beans, and a modest amount of anticipation.  My morning cooking workshop promises food. Ruth Pretty, a 25 year food veteran, embodies the [...]


One fine day. A Kitchen Aid story.

March 10, 2012

It’s out of control. My life. No complaints. No surrender. I’m in the flow and the river is a class 4 rapid. I’m strapped in and my paddle is sturdy but then, sometimes I hit a rock. I realize I have not shared with many of you the news of my impending cookbook.  I’m working [...]


Difficult to say and a little man named cupid.

February 14, 2012

In the spirit of St. Valentine, I am resurrecting this previously published post that has new meaning today as I thrive in my tenth year of my MARRIAGE.  Love is in the air but it is hard earned and consistently challenging so Cupid and chocolate are always welcome. Previously published February 2010 I just had [...]